Monday, February 6, 2023

Happn Will Help You Find The People You Missed

Happn is a dating app that has more than forty-five million users worldwide. It is a great app even among all the top free dating apps. it's already available on different systems and platforms. The happn dating app works differently from most products that have enriched the field over the years and have usually been seen and reviewed.

On happn, it all starts with the first eye contact. This means that it will allow its members to find people they have the opportunity to meet during the day. When you are on the subway, do you want to know a beautiful boy or girl getting on the bus at the same stop you have to get off? Get happn to work for you, track down the people you meet and develop a good relationship with them. This happn review will help you know happn better.


Living in a big city always allows us to meet new people, but this also has a big limitation. Because our lives are surrounded by people who pass us by, and we ignore them. With just a photo, a smartphone, and an active GPS, Happn will do everything to find you interesting people worth discovering. All you have to do is agree to use GPS to record all your actions.

In this way, Happn can evaluate the match with other members. Move to similar places where you have the opportunity to meet one or more people and you may not have the opportunity to stop or notice. This is a great way to differentiate happn from other dating apps. And it usually doesn't affect the likelihood of a meeting between two people.


There are two very simple ways to create your happn dating account. You can choose to register with your Facebook account or with your phone number. Well, both of these processes require you to provide the necessary details about yourself. If you want to register with a Facebook account, you need to have an account on Facebook. The use of Facebook connect technology minimizes the incidence of false profiles or no photos.

If you don't want to register with your Facebook account, you can use your phone number to do so, making the registration process easier and more secure. To do this, you only need to provide basic information to register, such as your name and sex. They may also ask for additional information about your work, school, and description of you, but this information is not mandatory. After you create an account, you can start using it immediately.


Just sign up on Facebook or by entering your phone number. Don't worry: the app has been guaranteed that it will not be posted in your name on popular social networks to maintain maximum anonymity with your friends. Registration is instant, and you can immediately start choosing your ideal type. In this way, you set important filters to help you find the right partner for you. From that moment on, only the people you meet on the street are likely to be available. Scroll through their profiles and evaluate how they interact. And choose between two modes: Hello or like. In the second mode, you don't reveal your identity, it's based on click reciprocity.

So, if the other person likes you back, you can finally make contact through chat. And if you use Hello, you reveal who you are. However, happn free users could only get ten greetings per day. Once you unlocked an interest, you can go back as far as you want to and see on a map where you've been or where you've been unknowingly crossing each other.


Happn has a lot of features. After registering and downloading happn on your mobile device, you can customize your profile to make it more attractive. You can also share information on your profile, talk about your interests, your career, or your studies. This way, when you meet an interesting person on the street, they can get to know you better.

And you can use the hashtag called my music choices to share your favorite music choices with people you like. In addition, happn allows you to connect to your music account. Then, you can automatically share a playlist of your favorite 25 songs. This list will be linked to your profile. Also, to get to know someone, you should greet them and expect a response. On this app, communication is allowed by mutual interest. If you are rejected, you will not be able to chat with that person.

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