Monday, February 6, 2023

Hily is a new dating app with in-depth verification criteria

The online dating world has been changing lately and one of the newest additions to the team is Hily.

An app with a social media feel and deep validation standards, Hily is fast becoming the number one hit in the Apple App Store and the lifestyle section of Google Play.

But the real question is, is Hily getting attention because it's good or because it's new? To answer that question, we turned on our headlights and went exploring. And the results of this exploration are published below in this Hily review.

If you want to find out more about Hily's cost, features, and overall usability, just read on.

Hily - The Bottom Line Up Front

Hily app is a pretty good dating app, especially if you're tired of wasting time on fake accounts, jerks sending illegal messages, or casual dating apps that are too focused on appearances. It adds a little substance to the idea of online dating.

The app still feels casual, but it doesn't feel sleazy, which we like.

The paid membership is a little more expensive than many other dating apps, which isn't ideal. It's also important to point out that Hily has a week-long trial where you can try out all the premium features for free, but it does convert to paid.

We recommend giving Hily a try but also checking out some of the other top dating apps to compare. In this way, you can find the most suitable online dating app. Below are some great options with free trials that we've included. Try as many as you want!

Pros of Hily Dating App
-The Hily app has a social media feel to it, making it easier to communicate.
-The verification process prevents scammers and bots on the app.
-Automatic blocker protects users from rude messages.

-Chat requests are not reserved for mutual matches, so strangers can and will make chat requests to you.
-Many of the best features are saved for premium members only.

Overview of Hily's features

Hily has so many features that we don't even have space to discuss them! Even free users can make full use of the application and try out the features from basic (messaging and filtered searches) to advanced (protection provided by risk algorithms, events, and much more).

Once you get into the realm of Hily Elixir (the premium version of Hily), the features get even cooler! Here are a few of our favorite paid versions. Here are a few of the paid features that users like the most

-Consumable features
Expendable features refer to items such as boosts, mismatched chat requests, and fallbacks. These features are used up at the point of use and are refreshed each month. Below is a brief description of the three main expendable features.

-Boost Puts your profile at the top of other people's potential match lists.
-No Match Chat Requests This lets you submit chat requests to users you don't have a mutual match with.
-Rollback Accidentally missed someone you meant to like? Rollback allows you to undo those mistakes.

Visitors list

Wanna know who has liked or visited your profile? A cool premium feature, the Visitors List, allows you to see exactly who is spying on you Free members can technically see this too, but due to some dramatic filtering, they can't access profiles or see pictures. Hily Elixir members can see pictures of these visitors and go to their profiles.

Zero ads

To be honest, removing ads is probably the best reason to pay for a premium version of any app. While most dating sites can be made ad-free with a good ad blocker, mobile apps are not so simple. So, if you hate dealing with annoying pop-up ads, Hily Elixir might be a good option for you.

The quality of singles at Hily

We are very impressed with Hily's selection of singles! The app has a really good way of preventing fake accounts and people who abuse them. For starters, they automatically filter out accounts that are fake and use profile photos to confirm identities.

In addition, community members have an internal ranking that decreases every time a person makes a mistake (gets blocked, reported for misconduct, sends a message that is automatically filtered, etc.). If a person's score is too low, they are shadowbanned and their contacts can no longer contact them.

The app's ability to preemptively block vulgar, hateful messages is impressive and should become the standard for dating and social media sites.

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