Monday, February 6, 2023

How to flirt with a girl you never met?

Some guys can talk a lot in front of their favorite girls and make girls be attracted to them, but there are still some friends who are shy to talk, so how can you flirt with a pretty girl and successfully lead her to dating with you? Be sure to take a few minutes to check out this useful pick-up line for a better chance of flirting with women.

Ask for name
If you're just learning to hit up on a girl, try a more direct style first, as many fraternities tend to drag their feet and talk for hours without getting to the point. This will annoy the girls, affect her mood, and your approach will eventually be rejected.

The easiest way to start a conversation is to just go up and say you'd like to meet her and ask her name. But be careful with our manners. Do not be too pompous. Otherwise, it can easily cause reversion. This works well for outgoing girls, who are naturally extrovert and want to be friends with you.

Praise her
Whatever she looks like, a girl likes to be praised at anytime. So if we meet a girl that we want to talk to, first of all we should learn to calm down and praise her. For example, "Hey, I think your outfit looks great." Girls will be happy to hear the compliment, and most of them will return the compliment. Then ask for her name naturally, so you can start a conversation. Easy, right?

Ask for directions, etc
How to hit up on a pretty girl? Although we may say that this way of asking for directions has been outdated, but I would like to say that often the lamest way is easier to get girls. According to a psychologist, one of the best way to get a person's appriatiation is to ask for help. But be careful, don't ask her for money. The favor you ask should be easy to accomplish. Just like ask for directions. So when you get to the designated place, you can reciprocate by buying her a drink. Then you get yourself a date. If you have a good conversation, you can exchange phone numbers.

The next step is to flirt and make her laugh. One thing leads to another, you'll find yourself having a one night stand or adult dating with a girl. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes. It is easy! The hardest part is to start and to make the first move. It takes a lot of courage to go up wo a girl whom you never met before and start a conversation. Once you have the courage, you'll have the girl in hands.

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