Monday, February 6, 2023

The Signals to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

Love can cure. Finding our lover no matter in real world or from some famous free dating apps can make our life different. We gather courage to love someone and in this process, we are happy. When looking back at the first hug, first kiss, we will always feel love can cure anything bad in our mind. But love can hurt. When our lover begin to doubt us, argue with us, we may feel terrible.

We want to get more understanding but in the end, we find the person doesn’t like us as we imagine. You may be tired of chatting with each other and this is unbelievable for you. For me, love is pain but we need to go through it. I just broke up with my boyfriend ans I was clear there was something wrong between us. I knew my boyfriend some top bbw dating site like BBWink, Bumble and now, we ended this relationship. Today, I want to mention the signals that you may need to break up with your boyfriend.

He never says sorry to you. Yes, saying sorry is not hard but one day, you find your boyfriend never says sorry no matter he is right or wrong. I can understand everyone has their own pride but if he never says sorry, he may just take you for granted. In his thought, you are always wrong.

My ex-boyfriend is such a person. Yes, we had great time at first. I was so happy to know him from a free dating site and we just chatted for two months and decided to meet each other. And one month later, we became real lover. I could still remember I was so excited and nervous to wait for his reply in the local dating app. But having been together for six months, he never says sorry.

He forgot my birthday and he just said he was so busy with his work. Yes, this could be totally an excuse. Actually, if he said sorry directly, I might never break up him. Why? I can feel he doesn’t pay attention to me, which is what I need as a girlfriend. Yes, I love this person but if he cannot get over this, in the rest of life, we may get more trouble. If you meet such a guy, you may need to say goodbye to him.

This guy often checks your phone. For me, I don’t mind being checked but if he does this usually, normal people can be angry. My cousin Julia told me she has some problem with her boyfriend last week that her boyfriend will check her phone everyday.

Actually, this is an obvious trusting issue. He never trusts you. I can understand some people may be born with less trust on others but this behavior can ruin a serious relationship. Julia told me she just wanted to find a casual dates at first and she was looking for guy on the top chatting site like Bumble but this guy loved her a lot. She was moved by him and said yes. She tried to give this guy confidence and comfort even he checked her phone everyday. But now, she thinks this relationship makes her feel tired and exhausted. This is also a sign that you may consider break-up.

If you gradually find you stay away from your family, you should consider breaking up. To be honest, this is the most dangerous signal for our females. We live in our family over 20 years and our parents are very close to us. But you boyfriend tries to control your mind and ask you to stay away from your family and your friends. He tells you he is the only person you can reply on.

I am pretty sure you should make us your mind to break up with this guy. My coworker Lily told me she had broken up with her boyfriend because one day, she found she was leaving her family because of her boyfriend. Lily met him on a local dating app and they became lovers quickly. But now, she just thinks her boyfriend just want to control her mind. Yes, breaking up is the best choice.

Those three signals are of great importance and if you find any, you may consider saying goodbye. Then, you can have fun not only in real life but also meet nice guy from some random chatting sites.

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